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I get Anhui Performance Excellence Award
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I get Anhui Performance Excellence Award

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Recently, the 2012 Performance Excellence Award Anhui results were announced , the company hi honor. Performance excellence management model is currently widely recognized internationally as an effect

Recently, the 2012 Performance Excellence Award Anhui results were announced , the company hi honor. Performance excellence management model is currently widely recognized internationally as an effective quality management. Since 2011 , the province established a Performance Excellence Award Anhui reward system , carry out an annual award, through enterprise reporting, reporting conditions compliance audits , data review and site assessment and other procedures to grant the active implementation of performance excellence management model, and obtain more prominent quality, economic or social benefits of the unit. My company has been to meet user demand for the center , focus on improving the quality of staff, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities. 2012 , the city and county quality supervision departments to guide support, the company to strive for performance excellence award as an opportunity Anhui , through technical innovation, introduce advanced management mode, improve the management system, strict operating procedures, the implementation of staff training , etc. measures to further improve the internal management, improve business efficiency and service levels. Performance Excellence Award in the site assessment process, the assessment team line deep in my company production, testing, marketing and other aspects , through field visits , exchange and discussion , access to information , etc., itemized than to declare the authenticity of materials , fully affirmed the I am in the build quality system , the introduction of performance excellence management mode achievements . The honor was , marking the company's quality management has upgraded to a new level , the company will continue to focus on the optimization and upgrading of the management system , the establishment of mechanisms for continuous improvement to achieve the leap from good to great .